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Dobermann 2

Faster, steadier and better in turns
A highly efficient reflex profile is the perfect stability/speed combination. Speed retention assists during all phases of the flight and the wing remains compact and safe throughout the turn. More efficient and effortless than ever.
Huge speed range
Better acceleration efficiency and safety from minimum to top speed. The wing allows quick acceleration to reduce pilot’s lap-time in competitions and slalom courses but it is also good at low speed for an easy control during takeoff and landing.
More sizes
Available and certified in six sizes, suitable for the widest possible range and type of pilots. The new larger sizes are more appropriate for freestyle and recreational flights. The smaller wings are perfect for slalom flying.
Niviuk Glider
Niviuk Dobermann 2

Kougar 2

The Kougar 2 inflates and takes off easily. The glider comes up effortlessly overhead in all flyable weather conditions.
An evolved Reflex System enhances the glider’s abilities to perform while providing increased stability and fuel consumption optimization.
For the first time, RAM Air Intake technology is used on a compact and comfortable Paramotor wing to promote speed with safety.

Kougar 2 Paramotor Glider
Niviuk Kougar 2 Glider


Allow your emotions to run freely, leaving it to the LINK and the engine do the rest
Experience the true essence of flight, understand the skies, explore the landscapes and reach new horizons.
From your very first powered flight to onward progression the Link will adapt with your experience.
Niviuk Link
Niviuk Link Glider
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